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Industry Printing and Process Control Design

When a company requires the capabilities of a large scale printing company it also requires a large scale budget. There needs to be the guarantee of efficiency and quality with some of the latest technology.  Terminal-Andrae can combine our electrical and mechanical engineers with a printing plants infrastructure to provide some of the best printing capabilities and process control management.

Printing companies with in-plant or commercial printing technology can serve regional or national markets, but all face similar challenges in the industry. The demand for printing has been impacted not only recent downturns in the economy, but also the disruptive technology such as the Internet and social media lessening the need for a printed product.

Recent studies of printing plants by InfoTrends stated “digital printing is quickly displacing offset in in-plants, Data Center Integration is growing and in-plant production is increasing” and this shows how the industry can continue to grow with the help of Terminal-Andrae skilled professionals.

Terminal Andrae uses custom control design for Wisconsin Printing industryProcess Control Creates Printing Success in Wisconsin

When Terminal-Andrae integrates a custom an automation control system we design it to be tailored specifically to produce the best highest-quality printing.  By understanding printing plants current platforms and printing technology, our Milwaukee control systems technicians design process control design to fit your needs.

Slow and inefficient organization is the recipe for failure for any printing plant. A disruption in any printing job can risk creating a substandard product or even worse, risk losing future business and a client entirely.

Terminal-Andrae creates a system for our partners in the printing industry to avoid any complications. We break down the printing method and allow it to be altered simply with constant quality control to determine where improvement can be made. We offer this and:

  • In-house project support MMI/HMI system engineers

  • Custom graphic screen with operator interface

  • Innovative programming and interfaces

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