Milwaukee Electrical Contractor Provides Top Arc Flash Safety Compliance Services

Arc Flash Analysis and 70E Compliance from Best Electrical Contractors in Milwaukee

When you have energized electrical systems with exposed conductors or circuit parts, The National Fire Protection Association’s 70E regulation requires an arc flash hazard analysis be done before anyone even approaches these dangers. The Milwaukee electrical contractors at Terminal-Andrae have the training, knowledge, and resources to complete an arc flash analysis specifying the appropriate OSHA and ANSI arch flash labels as well as the appropriate PPE for persons working near your energized electrical equipment. Arc flash labels require an in-depth knowledge of electrical systems and their hazards to create the correct labels and then display them where qualified individuals performing examinations, adjustments, services, or maintenance of the electrical system can see them before approaching the equipment. Terminal-Andrae has this knowledge and our services can help prevent against loss of property, injury, and expensive downtime. 

 Our Milwaukee electrical contractors also provide services for the arc flash survey required by ANSI, OSHA, NEC, and NFPA. To keep you in compliance with the 70E NFPA regulations, we will not only gather the data needed for the arc flash survey but we will do the one-line diagrams and software calculations. Terminal-Andrae’s single line diagram services will update your existing diagram with the necessary information needed for trouble shooting, documenting, and communicating information about your electrical system, or complete any unfinished power system drawings. The electrical contractors at Terminal-Andrae offer all the services needed to keep your electrical systems up to the 70E code as well as services to prolong the life and safeguard your electrical system against equipment loss and personal injury.

Emergency and Preventative Maintenance Services 

If your electrical system experiences problems and you need a solution fast, Terminal-Andrae provides 24/7/365 emergency electrical and repair services. We will return your equipment back to the required safety conditions so both your system and workers can return to regular operation. To help avoid the need for emergency services we provide preventative maintenance services to shield your electrical system from damage and failure. Our expert Milwaukee electrical contractors utilize a vast knowledge and state-of-the-art technology like infrared cameras to conduct thermographic testing and detect extraneous heat sources coming from your electrical equipment. This allows us to find and fix unsafe electrical contacts, failed insulation, and improperly connected electrical systems, regularly ensuring your equipment is safe. Trust Terminal-Andrae with all of your arc flash safety compliance needs, we are qualified to perform all required services to keep your electrical system compliant with the NFPA 70E regulation. 

Contact the Arc Flash and 70e Compliance specialists at Terminal-Andrae and ensure the safest environment for your workers today. 

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