Electrical Patch Panel

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Copper Electrical Patch Panel for Industry

Industrial Electrical Patch Panel Install

These copper, industrial, patch panels were designed and installed by our team of leading engineers at Terminal Andrae. Patch Panels, one of the more advanced system installs in the field of industrial electricity, are widely used by the telecommunications, broadcasting, and other prevalent industries. Other common terms for a patch panel include patch bays, patch fields, or jack fields.

Patch panels can be thought of as a centralized assembly of ports that are used to connect and manage incoming and outgoing LAN (Local Area Network) cables. It can be thought of as a switchboard of sorts that allows you to organize your cables as well as separate the hardwiring of your network from your actual equipment.

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Depending on your network size, usage, and needs patch panels can be used for small home networks and large industrial sized businesses alike. Here at Terminal Andrae we are proud to provide Wisconsin industries with professionally installed networking and electrical solutions. We work directly with each individual client to determine what electrical options work best for you, and how we can help to give you the best service possible.

For industrial electrical systems installation, repairs, maintenance, or any other electrical needs, feel free to contact our team at Terminal Andrae today!


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