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The term “medium voltage” is commonly misunderstood because the designations of low, medium, and high voltage are highly contextual. A person who works only with consumer electrical products will have a much different definition of “medium” than one of our Milwaukee electricians providing medium voltage electrical construction services . For people without an electrical engineering background, the term “medium voltage” probably doesn’t mean much at all. Each of these three levels of voltage carries the risk of injury, but there are very few signs reading “Danger: Low Voltage.” Below is an explanation of LV, MV, and HV as they pertain to the world of power distribution and utilization.

Many people use the term “Low Voltage” to delineate between residential and commercial electrical construction . For power distribution, low voltage is considered approximately 100V to 1,000V applications. “Medium Voltage” is considered 1,000 to 10,000 or even 100,000V. “High Voltage” is anything above these, although some heavy industrial electrical applications might even use the terms “Extra High Voltage” and “Ultra High Voltage.” Varying and even conflicting designations are used by different engineering standards, but most commercial applications will be largely medium voltage and above.

Milwaukee Medium Voltage Electrical Construction Services from Terminal-Andrae

Terminal-Andrae’s industrial electrical contractors have extensive experience working with higher voltage industrial electrical panels and power supplies. By choosing our Milwaukee electrical contractors to perform your installation or electrical design build project, you ensure your system’s safety and reliability. Our Wisconsin master electricians have expertly served some of the state’s most recognizable businesses, including The Miller Brewing Company and The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

For more information about medium voltage electrical construction services, contact Terminal Andrae’s Milwaukee medium voltage electricians today by using our simple online form or by calling 414-933-6970.

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