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The Best Milwaukee Industrial Electrical Contractors

Terminal-Andrae’s expert Milwaukee electrical contractor crew is dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive industrial engineering services to companies throughout southeastern Wisconsin.  Whether you require setup or service of an industrial process automation system, smart transmitter calibration, assistance with arc flash solutions and maintaining 70e compliance or a complete electrical solution from design to build, choose an expert Milwaukee electrical contractor from Terminal-Andrae for the best electrical engineering solution in Wisconsin.  

Milwaukee Electrical Contractor Offers Complete Industrial Process Automation Solutions

Terminal-Andrae’s experienced electrical mechanical engineers provide top quality Milwaukee industrial process control automation solutions to a number of prominent Wisconsin industries.  The Milwaukee Miller Brewing Company Brewery and the Nestle Chocolate Factory in Burlington benefit from Terminal-Andrae’s extensive electrical engineering capabilities for process control and process control automation solutions.  Our Milwaukee control systems technicians are capable of working numerous custom integrated automation control systems with an intricate knowledge of control system processes, current automation software and hardware platforms.  A Milwaukee electrical contractor from Terminal-Andrae has the knowledge and skills necessary for providing complete process automation solutions from new process automation system installation and automation process integration to ongoing in-house technical support and existing automation control upgrades.  

Milwaukee Industrial Electricians Provide Top Quality Electrical Instrumentation and Controls Services

Terminal-Andrae’s Milwaukee electrical engineers and controls systems technicians are experienced with newly emerging digital protocols capable of keeping your facility operating at peak performance.  Terminal-Andrae’s industrial electricians have the resources to provide smart transmitters with sourcing, simulating and measuring pressure, temperature and electrical signals.  A Milwaukee electrical contractor from Terminal-Andrae has the calibration tools and skills needed to maintain your control system’s FDA, EPA and OSHA compliance.  Choose Terminal-Andrae for unrivaled Milwaukee electrical instrumentation and control system services .

Milwaukee Electrical Contractor Ensures Your Company is 70e Compliant

Keeping your company up to date with arc flash surveys and 70e compliance is crucial to the safety of your employees.  Terminal-Andrae is the best Milwaukee electrical contractor for ensuring your business meets the National Fire Protection 70e standards.  Our Milwaukee arc flash survey and 70e compliance experts are highly experienced with single line diagrams and are qualified to perform an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis keeping your employees and entire company in compliance.  The Arc Flash Hazard Analysis will also identify the necessary arc flash labels necessary for warning your personnel of potential electrical hazards.  Terminal-Andrae is the best resource to maintain your company’s 70e compliance.

Milwaukee Industrial Electricians Design and Build for Electrical Construction

A Milwaukee electrical contractor from Terminal-Andrae has the electrical engineering and CAD skills needed to provide your company with a comprehensive electrical construction solution.  Our electrical engineers are highly trained with Milwaukee CAD electrical designs .  Whereas most electrical contractors outsource their CAD design services, and most CAD engineers can only provide CAD documentation, Terminal-Andrae has the expertise necessary to complete your electrical construction project from design to build construction.  By utilizing one Milwaukee electrical contractor for your electrical construction needs you are guaranteed the most complete and cost-effective solution.   

Contact Terminal-Andrae, the premier Milwaukee electrical contractor , for comprehensive Wisconsin industrial engineering and repair services.

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